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The AquaRam™ Max, AquaRam™ Mini and AquaRam™ Micro tactical disrupters provide Bomb Technicians and EOD Specialists with unique, complete and comprehensive solutions for rapid tactical disablement of over 85% of IED types. After years of extensive R&D testing and validation with federal agencies in Canada and the USA, and successful operational deployments in North America and Afghanistan, MREL is pleased to introduce the line of AquaRam™ tactical disrupters to the global EOD community.

Responding to the needs of Bomb Technicians dealing with IEDD situations, AquaRam™ tactical disrupters provide complete IED disruption solutions with minimal risk of collateral damage. These precision-engineered disrupters can be fully deployed either manually or robotically in urban or rural areas and they are stand-off disrupters so the IED or its host need never be touched. Disruption is achieved in a controlled manner with explosively driven water, maintaining maximum scene control and providing forensic containment.

AquaRam™ tactical disrupters are supplied with a factory pre-measured quantity of FIXOR™ binary explosive to ensure ease of loading and correct disruption effect. The two components of FIXOR™ binary explosive require no special handling or storage other than that for standard flammable liquid. The binary nature of the explosive permits “at hand” availability and rapid disrupter deployment when a positive IEDD action is required. It also eliminates sourcing, procuring, transporting, storing, measuring and cutting of the specialized explosives required by traditional disrupters.

For access to additional technical documentation including product presentations, specification sheets, disruption data, video and applications please contact MREL’s Defence and Security Products Department to apply for a secure Login Account.

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